Endowment Fund Sub-Accounting

Sub-Accounting Solutions for Endowments, Planned Giving, Pooled Income Funds, and Non-Profit Organizations

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Benefit Recordkeeping

Software solutions for the employee benefit recordkeeping sector

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Benefit Payments

Software solutions for lump sum and pension payment processing

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Data Conversion

Tools and services for converting financial data

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Systems, Solutions and Support 
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The Support Source Corporation is a software solution provider for the planned giving/endowment and employee benefit recordkeeping/payments sectors of the financial world. 

Formed in 1993 to provide alternative software support for major bank trust departments in the employee benefits industry, our market has expanded over the years to include planned giving and endowment recordkeepers, third-party administrators, pension administration solution providers, mutual fund companies, and non-profit organizations. 

We have built our business by providing first-rate software solutions and excellent customer support. 

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What You Can Expect

We bring a vast amount of experience providing innovative and well-designed solutions coupled with an old-school, whatever-it-takes customer support experience.

Experience You Can Trust

We bring decades of wisdom and experience in the banking and planned giving sectors and in system design to provide solutions that you can count on.

Innovative and Well-Designed Solutions

We have a keen knack for taking complex problems and processes and simplifying them into elegant, well-designed solutions.

Outstanding Customer Support

With "Support" as our middle name, you can be sure that we offer customer support that is second to none!

Our Customer Base Includes

Major US Financial Insitutions (Banks & Trust Companies)
Leading Asset Management and Investment Companies
Major US Corporations
Third-party Recordkeepers
Non-Profit Institutions